Our Unique Model

Free to Be has designed a variety of curricula and presentations to fit the diverse needs of our community. Below is a list of the specialized program components currently offered by Free to Be.

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Mini Life Choice

one session presentation, Grades 5-7

  •  Developing healthy friendships

  •  Understanding the difference between infatuation and love

Junior Life Choice

three session curriculum, Grades 6-8

  •  Understanding the whole person (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, ethical)

  •  Developing healthy relationships
  •  Understanding how consequences of sexual activity can affect life goals
  •  Responding to pressure situations with refusal skills
  •  Learning the freedoms of waiting

Healthy Futures

five to seven session curriculum, Grades 7-12

  •  Forming and maintaining healthy relationships

  •  Understanding possible consequences of sexual activity in the whole person
    (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, ethical)
  •  Understanding sexually transmitted diseases
  •  Responding to pressure situations with refusal skills
  •  Learning how to maintain a decision to wait
  •  Learning the freedoms of waiting

Teen Panel

one session presentation, Grades 7-12

Focusing on the freedoms postponing sexual activity, Peer Educators (high school aged youth) share their experiences and discuss with their peers why they have chosen to wait until marriage.


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