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Today, teens are exposed to sexually saturated messages every day. Many teens find it hard not to give in to the pressures of our culture and end up making choices they regret that have lasting consequences. Free to Be counters these messages and advocates for teens by equipping them with life skills to make healthy choices.



Free to Be began in 1992 with a handful of volunteers and a vision to reach the youth of Sonoma County. Free to Be is a non-profit, sexual risk avoidance education organization that trains youth to speak on teen panels and young adults to teach curriculum to youth ages 10 to 18. Our educators emphasize the importance of building healthy relationships, and encourage teens to consider postponing sexual activity to avoid all possible consequences of being sexually active as a teen.

Today, our program continues to offer schools and community groups this much needed risk avoidance health message to empower teens with the knowledge and life skills they need to make positive decisions that will aid them in living healthy lives both now and in the future.

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